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President’s Message – December 3, 2018

Dear Fellow ACTRA Maritimes’ Members,

As you may have already heard, ACTRA has successfully reached a tentative settlement with the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) with respect to the Independent Production Agreement (IPA).

After listening to the interests of members across the country (including two focus groups from here in the Maritimes) ACTRA entered into these negotiations determined to address and prevent harassment in the workplace; improve safety, health and working conditions on set for all members; increase work opportunities; and achieve industry standard rates of pay.

Ratification of this settlement will bring significant improvements to the IPA, including several that our Maritime focus groups identified and I have underlined here:

  • Improved measures on harassment prevention, nudity, and respectful workplace language. Producers will ensure there is a workplace harassment policy in place and a procedure for reporting harassment, and that all cast and crew are aware of the policy and procedure.
  • An annual general increase of 3% in each of the 3 years;
  • Stunt Coordinators rates will increase 5% in the first year and 3% in each of the subsequent two years;
  • Recognition for ACTRA Additional Background Performers; and an increase in the Background Performer Count. Here in The Maritimes this will increase the required ACTRA BG vouchers to 12.
  • A Letter of Understanding for Background Conditions that will see: Wardrobe racks in Background holding areas to hang Performers’ clothing; the inclusion of Background Performers in Safety Meetings for scenes in which they are involved; a daily Callsheet posted in Background holding areas; and a provision of sufficient space in Background holding areas to avoid overcrowding.
  • A self-tape will be considered an audition or audition recall when the Producer requires the Performer to submit a self-tape.
  • Two additional Use options have been added for Animation Productions to increase work opportunities for ACTRA Animation Voice Performers.

You can read further information regarding the IPA negotiation on the ACTRA National website here:

The package comes to you for ratification from both your Negotiating Committee and the ACTRA National Executive with the unanimous recommendation to vote YES in the online ballot referendum.

As your ACTRA Maritimes’ President and National Councillor, I too am recommending that you vote YES. Each Full Member who qualifies to vote should have received an email with a confidential PIN and instructions to vote online. To qualify to vote, full members must have worked under the current IPA contract.  If you have not received a PIN and think you qualify, please contact Richard at

I encourage you to exercise your right to vote on ratification of this agreement by completing the ballot online no later than 3:00pm EST on Friday, December 14, 2018.

In Solidarity,

Francine Deschepper
Branch President
ACTRA Maritimes


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