The ACTRA Awards recognize the incredible talent, creativity, and passion of ACTRA Maritimes Members. Awards are presented annually as part of the Screen Nova Scotia Awards.

ACTRA Maritimes Awards celebrate performances in theatrical motion pictures, television, cable, and new media programs. There is a single category, simplified, to remove categorization based on gender, type of role and the format of content – the four Awards being for “Outstanding Performance by an Actor” which allows us to respect and celebrate every gender identity. To be eligible, a performer must be an ACTRA Maritimes member in a production first shown publicly anywhere in the world between January 1 and December 31 of the preceding year. 

The submission deadline is January 15, 2024.

This year we have also amended the eligibility of an ACTRA Maritimes member performance to include all of ACTRA jurisdiction (meaning in cannot be outside Canada) but would be eligible anywhere in the country.

Also, to shine a spotlight on some of the smaller ensemble work happening here and to celebrate shows spoken in our voice, telling our stories, with the guidance of Matthew Lumley and Sandrella Mohanna co-chairs of the Awards Committee, we are adding a new Award!

The Series Ensemble Award: Eligible shows would be ACTRA Maritimes live-action series which were first broadcast (on television or online) in 2023, where at least three of the top billed cast members are ACTRA Maritimes members and appear in the majority of episodes. – please email Sian Morris Ross  directly to nominate your show and to confirm its eligibility. Series Ensemble Award winners are selected by ACTRA Maritimes jurors. This award is also awarded as an ACTRA statuette but is held at the ACTRA Maritimes office. Winning shows will be added to the engravings each year.

Awards Process

ACTRA Awards shall be given to ACTRA Maritimes Members for Outstanding Performances in Acting in theatrical motion pictures, television, cable, and new media programs.

ACTRA Award Nominees & Winners*

*winners’ names are bolded